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We design & develop quality services to help small & medium business.
Web Design

We plan and create Web sites by the visual communication. We use text, images, digital media and interactive elements to produce the page that is viewed on the web browser.


We develop new software taking care of one or more aspects of the life cycle of the software. Programming tasks are carried out by a development team composed of a series of professionals.

Email Marketing

We are experts in a type of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating messages, terms of promoting products and services to the user.


We make use of SEO tools to optimize and improve your website by increasing its visibility (high position in the rankings), and the volume of traffic received by search engines.

  • Project Management

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Some of our projects with cutting-edge technologies
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About US

The Stasbranger S.r.l. is a young company created to offer dynamic solutions for your business.
Developing Amazing Things with Passion since 2009.

The experience gained in the field of engineering and information technology has enabled us to develop new solutions for companies who want to improve their business. The registry tells in a very partial of a company founded only in 2009 but obscures the cultural background of staff (university courses and qualifications of various kinds), technical expertise in engineering-computer science, the predisposition for innovation, seriousness and last but not least, the desire to do. Alongside all this we must remember the experience in the field, in the factories of the local environment; experience which served to learn the importance of practical solutions to some "educationally inappropriate" and the dynamics of customer-supplier communication. Reliability and accuracy are the common denominator; customer satisfaction, the goal.

  • Web Design

    We are experts in a markup language, in particular the structure for HTML5 and CSS3 for presentation.

  • development

    The development process is divided into: analysis, design, implementation, testing and release.

  • Email Marketing

    Web marketing tool that allows you to promote your business, coming into contact with a potential customer.

  • SEO

    The optimization activities include various tasks that are performed on the HTML code, including markup.

  • Angular JS
  • Spring io
  • Bootstrap
  • Html5
  • Neo4j
  • Hibernate
  • Mysql

Our Team

Our team consists of various professionals.

Base jumper and parachutist, project director, likes to go into all that is extreme. Its dynamism is a plus in the development of the project. Enterprising multifaceted work during leisure activities, among his hobbies tango, reading and adventure travel.


Member of the board is distinguished by its being categorical in the decision-making power, but at the same time engaging feature that benefits the cohesion of the entire team working. Its also connotes joy in everyday life. She loves reading and drown everything in swimming.


Decision and stubbornness distinguish one member of the Board of Directors. In his spare time abandons his clothes Administrator to wear those showman of the company, relaxing with a nice glass of red wine.

Server Developer

The server developer spends his working days immersed in numbers, codes and functions. In his spare time, however, his solitary vein turns into a deep attention to any social issue.

Client Developer

Young and enterprising, is distinguished by the meticulous care in making the site accessible to users. In life, its accuracy is found in the careful care staff. His free time is made of friends, fun and jokes.

Web Architect

Large coordination skills of the web architect combines his keen sense of aesthetics with an innate sense of organization. In private loves to paint and experiment with all forms of art.

Server Developer

Telecommunications engineering enthusiast, he loves developing what users don't see. Always looking for new technologies to learn, in his spare time he loves reading and cooking.

Maria Elena
Di Pasquale
Customer Relationship Management

Diplomatic and planner, can patiently listen to the continuous and incessant demands, sometimes bizarre, customers. Romantic but at the same time dynamic, loves to dance and play all kinds of sports.

Mobile Developer

Di Bari
Customer Relationship Management


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Additional features that complement our company.
Design with Love

Stasbranger study strategies tailored for you help you achieve your goals in marketing.

Creative Features

Specialists in the development of original software, applications, and all you need to increase your visibility on the web.

Thousands of Options

We offer different services (app, portals, management, e-commerce) suitable for any industry sector.

Easy to Customize

Create custom applications that are easy to use, fast and innovative for the increase of your business.

Clean Strategy

Propose effective strategies according to the needs of target and budget of the client.

Awesome Support

Provide rapid assistance thanks to a dedicated team ready to answer your questions.

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